Monday, September 12, 2011

Flickr and Photos on the Web

It's faster than ever now to upload images to share to share with the Online world of friends....and strangers. I recently got married and was eager to share my images with far away friends, but, I really don't want students and unwanted guests seeing my images. I know, as should everyone else, that all images and posts that hit the web are permanent. So to be honest, many of my friends have yet to see my pictures because they are private and not available to the Whole World on the web. Why? - I value my privacy. I want to be able to control who sees my personal 'stuff'. But, if I want to share things so easily, I know I have to give a little of my privacy to use some great, free services.
The Photo I chose to post is a photo of me completing a story hour at a rural, local library where I live. The photo does not have me looking at the camera, nor does it have an image of the child I'm reading to. It does show me hard at work in the library, but it does not have a tag on my image or the child's . I know my blog speaks to those who also value their privacy, but I think people get so excited with technology they get sort of 'techno-drunk' and don't realize for example - 'wait a minute, did I just post a naked picture of my son in the bathtub for EVERYONE to see?"
I do recognized that there is a tremendous value in regards to photo sharing, but I also think that librarians especially need to become better versed in issues concerning privacy, copyright, and good netiquette before they dive face first into teaching lessons about photo sharing. Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but even posting this image on the Web made me a bit weary.

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  1. Liz, I share your reluctance for sharing photos in a public venue. I am uncomfortable when friends post my son's picture to their FB walls. One in particular does not understand and will not change. Should librarians provide a privacy awareness aspect of all Web 2.0 training classes? Would this alleviate some of the concerns regarding public access to personal information?