Friday, September 16, 2011

Pods to be Cast

My first experience with Podcasting in a school setting for my social studies education undergrad. While looking for great teaching tools on the Internet, I came across a teacher who taped all his lessons and put them ONline for students and parents to have access to them. What a novel idea! Four years later, (now), I think web 2.0 technologies, especially PodCasting, is making communication, faster, easier and more convenient than ever. Faster - because a person can instantly download a file once it's made available on the Internet: Easier, because you can play it on your comptuer, MP3 player or phone: and easeir, because you can take it with you wherever you go and listen to it whenever it is convenient. The podcasts I listen to are usually from National Public Radio and deal with news, current events, popular culture, and an array of other quirky topics the Buffalo and national stations offer. But, I am still a big fan of listening/watching the news each day, but I LOVE the flexibility a Podcast offers for many of us "on the go, information junkies/". On my drives to night class in Buffalo, I will sometimes download lectures and other important news bits onto my MP3 player, but not all time. As a teacher, I see this as a useful teaching tool for my students and a way to preserve my lessons for further instruction, reflection, and improvement. I also love that it's pretty much cheap or free. I'm a bargain hunter, and Podcasting gives everyone great bang for the buck!

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