Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7 1/2 Habits - Strength & Weakness

Information professionals need so many valuable tools to be able to do their effectively. After watching the video on '7 1/2 Healthy Habits' I can see distinct weaknesses and strengths in my approach to learning. One big weakness for me lies in the notion that sometimes (Not Always!) I do get caught in the trap of seeing a challenge as a problem. I forget that I"m not an expert, I need to learn new things, and that the learning process is valuable AND fun! Instead I just see that road sign in my mind "Danger, Hazardous Materials Ahead...Watch OUT!" As an older grad student, I've embraced my ability to adapt and learn new things, but having to pay bills, work full-time and go to school can be troubling. YET, as a student in this program, I've learned to find balance and am more at peace with my progress than ever before. My strengths far outweigh my worries and weaknesses. I am great at teaching and mentoring others and I am an eager learner, especially through socializing, reading, and using various social media. My life skills have made learning here at UB very positive and fun for me, despite the demand and time constraints of this Graduate program. I've been teaching for several years, and have mentored teens for over 10!! - which I am very proud of. I hope my web 2.0 skills will soon catch up to my teaching/mentoring skills.

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