Monday, September 12, 2011

Libraries as Digital Learning Spaces

Creating Digital Learning Spaces
These are a couple key objectives I jotted down while watching Building Academic Library 2.0 on YouTube:
-how can computer labs act as learning spaces
- can a librarian help create more meaningful interaction for web/library users and if so how?
-how do we turn consumers of the web into knowledgable users
- how can we as librarians create services that users REALLY want, breaking out of Net Genereation stereotypes

I think these are all meaningful questions that librarians should ask themselves when they are creating programming for their patrons/users, whether they are children, adult, or octegenarian students. Great teachers, and librarians, must teach with purpose and be knowledgeable about past, present, and upcoming digital and web 2.0 technologies that impact their students' lives. If you do not know who the "Internet generation" or "net. gen ", find out and learn more. Maybe even book mark a digital dictionary about web and technology lingo. How do we create programming.....How about communicating with others and seeking good examples.
Librarians love information and we need to set a good example for our users to love it, digest, and become active and meaningful Internet citizens.

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