Saturday, March 27, 2010

To Copy or Not to Copy

I must admit that copyright laws trul intrigue me. Last week for another one of my LIS classes I had to do a book trailer. It took forever, but i was very happy with the product. After I took part in the web conferences, I had a bit more guidance regarding certain copyright issues. Our prof. wanted us to post our videos on YouTube, but I declined to posts mine. During the book trailer, I inserted copyrighted music by the 10,000 Maniacs. It looked and sounded great, but the sounds were not original. Since I was only showing to my LIS class and a couple students at a local school, I chose to use the music, but not to publish it. My intent was to get people excited about the book and the focus of the book trailer was the book, NOT the music. I think I effectivley avoided a copyright violoation. Based on the readings in Simpson and the information in some of the other readings, I feel much more informed about copyright law. I see copyright law similar to intent, in legal terms. Educators do not have free reing to violate copyright law and I feel like this is an area of concern I could really help address in my future school.

I also had another instance in a school last week dealing with copyrigh laws. I am homeschooling a studetn in social studies and I wanted to make a couple copies from the pages of a graphic novel. I wanted to share them with my homeschool student becasue eh does not go to the physical school he does not have access to the library. Before I made my copies, I noticed (for the first time) that the copy machine had simple guidelines for students and teachers in regards to copying materails affixed to the top of the machine. The school library staff actually said they would prohibit copies being made if teachers or students used the machine for repeated violations. When I asked the staff about it they said they police it the best they can. I was impressed.

Again, I do not want to be the copyright police in my school, but it was nice to see a small staff working together to enforce the rules.

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