Monday, January 25, 2010

LIS Book Trailer, Not to be confused with a bookmobile

As a grad student in the LIS program, I must visit, observe, and do projects with local school library media specialists. I had a great visit to a rural school in western New York. The SLMC was filled with great signage, posters, themed book displays - it was fantastic. While I was being given the grand tour, she asked me about book trailers. Well, I didn't know what a book trailer was, so she pulled out her laptop and showed me someo the sites and resources she was learning about book trailers in this professional development course she was taking. I was instantly hooked. I am a huge fan of moves. I especially love historical fiction, biographies, well scripted drama and action movies, and anthing that is witty, funny, or generally entertaining. The site she showed me was . It was visually appealling and was interesting as soon as I set eyes on the screen. In lieu of doing a more traditional, but effective, book talk, educators, librarians, teachers, professors, for example, generate hype and interest about a book. Just like a good movie trailer draws in a TV or Online audience, a good book trailer has a similar function, but for more entertainment and academic purposes. I am no book trailer expert, but I will be investigating this way to have a talk, chat, or discussion about books. This is not to be confused with a book mobile, which simply offered you booksto read. Instead, it offers you a multimedia approach to learning about a specific book in an engaging and entertaining way. My curiosity will lead me to investigate this further.

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