Sunday, January 31, 2010

Library Media What?

When I began my exciting journey to become a school library media specialist I was always finding that I had to explain to my friends what this term means. I would usually tell them that I was going to be a school librarian, but with a focus on analyzing, organizing, manipulating, learning & teaching about information. I would also remind them about our other more traditional duties that have to do with literacy, books, storytelling, etc. What was kind of weird was having to say all that stuff and then tell what my title would be one day - library media specialist. Although my friends know I"m already a bit quirky and long winded, they probably thought I was trying to give myself an impressive title. Nope, I was going with the flow. Our prof for this class posted a new article from the ALA that reintroduces the old title 'school librarian' as the new legitimate title. Now what will I tell everyone. Sorry, we no longer that long name, we're still a school librarian. No wonder people misunderstand library people. No more name changes until I graduate, please? Check out the link if you're interested.

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