Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The sweet smell of a summary completed!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I love a good treasure hunt. The Web 2.0 activities have been like a fun treasure hunt using technology and tools.

Overall, I loved the content, pace, and quality of this project's resources and activities. I feel like this class should be a class that new library students, versus taking it later in their course study. There were many tools that would have helped me better plan, prepare, research, and organize, a number of tasks and assignments I did in library school 2 years ago. I detest writing citations, but had I had citation helpers (like Zotero) my life would have been much more enjoyable for other classes. If I had known more about plug ins, I could have shaved time off many projects by downloading free software that would take some of the workload off my desk. I feel that all librarians should consciously and continuously look for ways to help make their patrons information goals easier to achieve. These activities have made me fully realize this
concept as I have found ways to share, communicate, and work more efficiently and easily with other classmates and professionals by using skills learned in this class such as Google Tools and Lync.

I enjoy and find it meaningful to use tools that are helpful to me professionally and for possible patrons. As an MLS who is hoping to earn her school library media certification, I would like to have explored more options and strategies that will specifically help children use and appreciate web 2.0. I think that adding activities to the Learning 2.0 site that targets educators would be very useful.

Another way I would improve these activities would be to encourage more discussion among classmates as to how they use these technologies, their practical purposes, and discuss actual good and bad applications of these tools. I felt like many of these tools were explored in a sort of bubble. Some of them I may have even been using incorrectly or not to their most useful extent. However, I would not know this because I too worked in my own bubble, despite visiting several classmates blogs a week. The readings and activities were useful, but I am not sure if I have mastered all the skills I had to learn.

Although I was familiar with some of tools we learned about for this class, it was overall a useful and valuable experience to take part in the web 2.0 process. I was able to revisit and sharpen skills using familiar gadgets and see how they may have been improved and upgraded. I was also able to learn and explore new tools that I may choose to incorporate into future library instruction or lessons. I would recommend this activity for future students!

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