Thursday, October 20, 2011

From Zotero to Fifty in ....a couple minutes?

One of the most tedious tasks that all good writers must master is citation. I dislike it immensely. I can days writing an outstanding paper on creating the most perfect library program only to have a professor cut down my grade because of citation issues. It stinks. My work is high quality, but my citations may have a comma or spacing issue and I lose points. "Stop the Insanity!" In my undergrad days, I lugged around accordion type folders filled with papers, bibliographies, articles, writing style guides - UGH! Now, these can all be bookmarked with web 2.0 technology located In The Cloud and I work on whatever project I would like from where ever I like. Any tool that makes storage and editing easier I am all for. The citation tool Zotero helps with this task. My Zotero library is growing at here. Zotero is going to help me create a bibliography for a paper I am doing on the author Katherine Paterson. I will find articles and web pages about the author and then create a citation immediately using Zotero. I am going to need to watch a tutorial about generating the citation which I hope is quick and painless. So far, I've found lots of guides on the sites, and few simple answers.

I love using Diigo to bookmark pages on the Net, but it just does not have the citation tools of Zotero. In order to appreciate Zotero, one needs to appreciate Firefox and its many plug - in capabilities. It works with lots of free software to transfer data and make it more useable. In this case, it will take the work out of making a citation. This is a video to show how to make this happen.

Web 2.0 tools can so helpful if they have plug - in and they work all the time.
I hope this new tool can help me quickly make a citation list for my last paper of library school

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