Friday, February 12, 2010

Well if I copy it for educational purposes it's ok, RIGHT?

I can honestly say I was eager to know the answers to this question when I became an LIS student. From reading Carol Simpsons' text Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide (Fourth Edition) I think I am gaining a better grasp on copyright issues for schools. I would say that I'm a pragmatic person and this text explores the issues in a practical and pragmatic way. I think part of the reason that schools, students, and educators do not want to ask copyright questions is because they are afraid of the answer they might get. If you really feel that you are stealing a unique idea or concept in a way that was not intended by the original creator, you probably are. Now, if a work is part of public domain, well most bets off. None the less, print materials in schools are an area that deserve more attention and respect. How can schools be models of ethics and integrity if they are improperly using artwork and resources without permission?

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